Reviews of Memory Foam Mattresses

Hello, my name is Jessica, and I welcome you to my website. A “dreamy” welcome is due, but if you were in the situation similar to one I was in few months ago, chances are you’re feeling anything but!

If we talk about sleeping surfaces, then some time ago I was in a pretty bad place when it comes to sleep. And was I happy to find out that once you purchase a good mattress, your whole experience can take an 180-degree turn.

So, if you were in place, you could find yourself fed-up with those pains and aches that annoy you every time as you wake up, which would undeniably give you an incentive to look for a brand new mattress. But as it happens, visiting your local store or doing an internet research on the subject may bring little results, leaving you unable to find a mattress suitable for your needs.

I just happened to try memory foam and fell in love with it instantly. I also believe it’s not that costly of an option, and the prices come nowhere near forcing you to take a second mortgage to pay for it. I decided to make this website to provide a handy place to gather all the required information – and aside of reviews of best foam mattresses brands, you will also find on my site a good smattering of other pages that are there for information alone.

Lacking Time?

A comparison table added by me will help you to save your time. Instead of navigating through my website, you can select the required type of mattress at once. Only straight facts are gathered in this table – such as size, type, model and other characteristics of the foam mattresses that are accessible and easy to see. If you happen to have extra time to spend, you can also proceed to the full review of each and every of the products shown in the table.

Don’t Know Which Mattress to Choose?

That is no problem seeing how my site has a lot of informative pages that will be helpful and provide you with better understanding of memory foam mattresses, their types and qualities that will allow you to choose one that suits you the most. The list of data below is extensible, and you are encouraged to click on the links in case you want more information.

Firmness and Personal Preference

Choosing the right firmness for you may be as confusing as it was for me when I was choosing my first mattress. My experience will hopefully allow to clear some of the confusion on this info page.

Choosing Correct Density

Those new to the memory foam mattresses again may be a bit confused by such characteristics, so reading this page will make you informed about the density of mattresses.
Choosing the Thickness

This page is absolutely necessary seeing how the thickness is depending not only on your personal preference but also on the density and firmness of the foam mattress chosen. Reading all three will clear a lot of things for you, or so I hope.

My Top Choices

If you are not asleep yet after reading through all the pages mentioned above, let’s move to my top choices for memory foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress of Best Value

My pick for best value mattresses would go to Sleep Innovations SureTemp. As seen in the review, it comes in 8 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch depths, suiting a wide range of people. An uncommon feature for its price range and another reason of picking it for the best value mattress is the 20-year warranty Sleep Innovations SureTemp comes with.

Best High-End Quality Foam Mattress


Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel Foam mattress is equipped with best features and is an all-around best model by all parameters, the price aside (obviously it’s not the cheapest one). This mattress is available not in three but six sizes, with cooling layer included, and is very helpful for disposing of night-time pains and aches. It’s quality can be very well compared to the largest and most expensive mattress brand names out there – and that comparison shows that the Ultimate Dreams 13” Gel Foam mattress comes only at a fraction of the price range of its competitors.


Best Budget Range Memory Foam Mattress


The LUCID by LinenSpa 10″ is considered by me the best budget memory foam mattress around because it did an excellent job at removing the main problem of memory foam mattresses: overheating. Indeed, the first and foremost complaint people have when it comes to this type of mattresses (especially cheaper ones) is becoming overheated while sleeping on them. LUCID by LinenSpa 10″ combines both the acceptable price and decent cooling technology that keeps the customer cool throughout the night.


Best Therapeutic Foam Mattress


According to my personal opinion, DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe is the best therapeutic mattress, for it’s this very model that helped me to remove my past problems. I’m not bothered by pains and aches anymore, all thanks to this mattress model, which truly was my savior this past few months! But I must note that DynastyMattress Therapeutic Deluxe will be fitting only to customers who prefer a firm mattress.


Best Memory Foam Mattress for Kids


It is hardly possible to forget about children, after all they have growing joints and bones that require special care, which is why I picked the Sleep Master 6 inch as the best mattress model for kids. It’s price is acceptable and aside for providing great support for a small body, this Sleep Master model also comes with it comes with an Jacquard cover easy zip-off, which is very helpful during those little accidents.


Best Topper

Of course were I to forget about the mattress toppers, this website would be incomplete at best! Of course, the whole selection can be found there, and my personal pick would be the Density Visco 4lb, which is 3 inches thick. This is the answer for those customers that are unable to afford a completely new mattress right away. Overall, trying out a topper is a great idea if you are merely considering to move to memory foam. It would certainly allow you to try this type of mattress technology and form your own opinion, which sounds like a great idea.

Some General Information

There are basic rules to follow when caring for a memory foam mattress (it is different from caring for a traditional mattress). And more, this maintenance can be different for different brands of mattresses! You will find all the necessary info on this page.

This site also has a video page that illustrates how to perform a steam cleaning of a mattress.

Another video shows in detail the process of making latex and memory foam mattresses.

Other types of information available to the visitors of our site include details about the differences of foam types – for which there are many – as well as considerations for people tending to sleep on their side/back/stomach. This is important because some foam mattress types can cater to side sleepers, some to stomach sleepers, etc. Be sure to look into this valuable information lest you consider buying a product that will turn to be ill-fitting for your particular sleeping habits!

Additional Details

While the type of mattress you are using has a lot to deal with your level of comfort, you shouldn’t forget about other things that ensure a great and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

This first is the pillow. Wrong pillow surely can cause you discomfort if even by twisting your neck in the wrong position during the sleep. Another video was added to the site, which provides great tips for finding the correct pillow for you. A cross section of best bed pillow reviews can be also found of our site to help you in your pillow search.

We also have several small reviews on things like best goose down comforters and their alternatives, as well as best coverlets and comforter sets that can help increase the comfort level of your bedroom as well as provide a good design additions to your interior.

1st Place – LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress



The construction of every foam mattress is really important as it demonstrates its quality. And speaking about the 12 inch Gel Memory Foam by LUCID it consists of the silver infused cover and gel foam itself. These materials make the product extremely qualitative and extraordinary comparing with other models and brands. Sleeping or simply laying on this mattress means comfort, nice stable sleep and of course absence of pains and aches. Taking into account all these facts, one can summarize that it is an amazing investment in the future.


2nd Place – Classic Brands Cool Gel 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress



The Classic Brands is one of the best manufacturers of the mattresses and they are improving every model with appearing of new features. For example, the presence of a pillow top on a gel memory foam bed. The most distinctive its feature is the ability to keep the body cool even when the mattress comes in contact with the body temperature. With this 12” Cool Gel Memory Foam, you will definitely forget about pains and aches, insomnia, uncomfortable positions and, as a result, bad mood in the morning. Instead, you will be full of energy, active and ready to show excellent performance at work, school etc.


3rd Place – Perfect Cloud Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress



The Perfect Cloud is another very famous brand that has been producing mattresses of a very high quality for years. Therefore, they experience they have and implement in every model, just makes the products exceptional and unique. A great example is the 10” inch Gel Plus Memory Foam bed. Anything you want, you will find in this particular mattress e.g quality, durability, comfort, absence of bed sores etc. Sleeping on it can be only compared to sleeping on the softest cloud.


Top-Rated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Best Sleep Ever

With this product, every single person will forget about sleepless nights, uncomfortable positions, aches, and pains. Instead, everyone will wake up all fresh and active. Plus all these for a really affordable price. 4” Memory Foam Mattress is really worth the investment for the next minimum 5 years.


LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper


If you have a desire to make your bed feel like you sleep on a cloud then all you need is the LUCID 4-inch memory foam topper. The LUCID company is one of the most well-known in the whole world and the experience and skills they have are implemented to the mattress topper arena thus making all customers’ wishes come true.


Memory Foam Buyer’s Guide

Living in a busy modern society, working hard every day, the best way to relax and be ready and fresh for the next day is to have a nice and comfortable sleep. Yet this is possible only thanks to a mattress or mattress topper of a high quality. Having one of these, not only will you rest physically but mentally too – that’s what doctors say.

Having a stable and good sleep means the following:

  • no depression;
  • no aches and pains;
  • no stress;
  • excellent performance at work, school etc;
  • more energy and activity;
  • memory improving;
  • better relationships;

This list of advantages is not even full yet you already understand how important a good night’s sleep is. One more trick of a good sleep is that it should last minimum 6-7 hours, the best and optimal time – 8 hours. One of the checked and trusted ways of making all these come true is the purchase of an exceptional memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper.

Memory Foam History

Looking at the history of the Memory Foam Mattress one will be really surprised knowing that these mattresses were designed by NASA for astronauts. Every mattress countered to the shape of body and certain weight. Moreover, they were also used during the lift off when intense G-forces were presented. At that time, they were called T-foam instead of memory foam. Also, there were some difficulties with manufacturing process and longevity of the products. Because of these cons they were never used in any of space programs though medical sphere became very interested in them.

When medical industry started improving the quality, it became evident that exactly these mattresses are just perfect for those people/patients who had to stay in bed for a long time. Perfect they were because no bed sores were appearing. In addition to that, pain and aches would be reduced to its minimum if not at all. This was possible due to a special feature that spread the body weight evenly and equally along the surface. In the very beginning, the durability wasn’t very long though with the time the longevity was getting longer and longer; and the wearing out wasn’t an issue anymore. Yet one more its advantage is the ability of the memory foam mattress to come in contact with the body temperature thus contour to its shapes.

After these mattresses were used in medical industry the Tempur-Pedic (a well-known company in the bedding sphere) was the first company that decided to produce it for all people. First of all they made a stylish design, improved the durability, made the quality better and the main feature such as pressure reducing that helped patients so much remained at its best.

The main idea why they decided the produce the memory foam mattresses to the public were the feedbacks given by the patients. They explained that the sleep is better, pains and aches are reducing as soon as they lay, in the morning they feel fresh and active. Exactly these facts became the first step of manufacturing memory foam mattresses to the market.

Memory Foam Mattress or Topper?

What would you like to have more: a memory foam mattress or topper? That is actually the first thing one should decide before making the research. To understand this, look at the condition of your current mattress. If its condition isn’t very good then it would be the right decision to replace it with a new memory foam mattress. A new mattress will give you all the benefits of an extremely comfortable and stable night’s sleep. Plus it would be much better for your health to sleep on a qualitative product, thereby reducing stress and depressions. Though if it is of a good quality then it would be a great idea to purchase a topper just as an addition thus getting all the plusses and benefits.

As there exist many types of mattresses, people are wondering how they can understand if the memory foam is exactly what they need. The answer is very easy – with the presence of a memory foam topper or mattress your health will be improving with each and every day.

The main criteria why the majority of people select the memory foam is because they want to get rid of pains and aches or at least reduce them to its minimum.

Look at these questions and think if they are about you or your family members:

  • Do you have lack of sleep?
  • Are you an active sleeper and always wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Do you have any backaches you want to get rid of?
  • Does it take you long to lay in a comfortable position in bed?
  • Don’t feel active and fresh even after 8-9 hours of sleeping?
  • Does your current mattress seem to be too firm for you?
  • Do your arms numb and neck stiff after or while sleeping?

If at least one question is true about you or your family members, then the best way out of this situation would be the memory foam topper or mattress. All the benefits you get with it will help you to cope with your problems thus changing the life for a better and active one.

Types of Memory Foam

3 main types of memory foam mattress are present on the market. They are: Gel, Traditional and Plant- based. Each of these has certain distinctions among each other and, therefore, one should know them to make the right final choice. See the distinctions below.

Traditional Memory Foam Topper or Mattress?

Traditional memory foam was one f the first to appear in the history of mattresses. At first it was produced by NASA to use it later to make astronaut’s sleep comfortable. Later a well-know company Tempur-Pedic decided to manufacture it for the public. Speaking about traditional mattresses they are made of petroleum-based polyurethane. This material is needed because as soon as you lay on the mattress it comes in contact with your body temperature, softens and contours to your body shape. One more feature that distinguishes traditional memory foam mattresses from others is its ability to spread the weight equally and evenly along the surface without any difficulties. Comparing it with, for example, inner spring mattress, people often complain that it is very uncomfortable to sleep when the springs press into your body when taking a certain position. With the traditional memory foam, that would never happen. Moreover, you are free to sleep in any comfortable for you position. Judging from the feedbacks and reviews left by the trusted customers, it can be summarized that with the traditional memory foam you will get the so desirable comfort and satisfaction from stable sleeping.


  • suits perfectly for those who are active sleepers as no movement can be heard or felt thus not disturbing the partner;
  • helps to cope with all the pressure;
  • comforts and contours to the body shape;


  • petroleum-based;
  • depending on the brand the quality might greatly vary;
  • when new, bad odor might be present;
  • absence of cooling system, therefore sometimes it might be too warm;
  • some mattresses might contain chemical fire retardants and VOCs;
  • for some people it is uncomfortable when the body shape in contoured;

Gel Memory Foam Topper or Mattress?

Comparing the gel memory foam mattress or topper with the traditional ones, it is newer and that’s why it has so much interest from the customers. Also, the gel memory foam is made in absolutely another way. The method is the following: tiny beads of gel are added to the usual memory foam or it can be added during the manufacturing process as a liquid. One more method is to use special little pockets with gel inside or layers of gel on the surface. As it was mentioned above, this type is new to the market and consequently people and, therefore, it is hard to find some detailed information and data. Yet, here are some of its pros and cons.


  • comforts and contours to the shape of body;
  • it is not warm or even hot sleeping on it;
  • absence of pressure in just a few seconds;
  • suits perfectly for those who are active sleepers as no movement can be heard or felt thus not disturbing the partner;


  • when new, might have some bad odor;
  • petroleum-based;
  • some mattresses might contain chemical fire retardants and VOCs;
  • can retain heat;
  • Plant-Based Memory Foam Topper or Mattress

This particular type of mattress is often called eco-friendly thanks to its properties. Because of this reason, it looks like a lot of people are attracted to it. As the company manufacturers are different, the properties of plants vary too. For example, some manufacturers use plant-based BioPur memory foam that has zero-emission and no VOCs and chemical materials which is a big plus comparing with two previous types.

Another advantage of every plant-based memory foam is the presence of open-cell design which means that the mattress literally breaths. One more pro is that it contours to the shape of body very easily and fast even if you are an active sleeper and turn and toss during the whole night.

Sleeping or laying on this mattress will never be too warm or hot comparing with traditional and gel memory foam. Speaking frankly this is one of the main issues mentioned by the customers. Having a plant-based topper or mattress, means feeling the whole 25 percent cooler. Finally, it is also capable of spreading heat along the surface 10 times faster than any other memory foam.


  • 25% cooler sleep;
  • No bad odor even in the beginning;
  • No VOCs or chemical materials;
  • No pressure is felt after a few minutes of laying;
  • Recovery time is extremely fast even with active sleepers;
  • uits perfectly for those who are active sleepers as no movement can be heard or felt thus not disturbing the partner;


  • sometimes hard to find locally;
PictureModelUser RatingFeaturesReviewChek Price
1LUCID Density Ventilated512" Memory foam mattress-2" Gel-infused 4lb memory foam comfort layer-2" 3lb memory foam center-8" High-density foam baseBUY-NOW
2LUCID 12" Plush Memory Foam4.9Dual memory foam layers create deep-down support and comfortOur ReviewBUY-NOW
3Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam4.7Meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633Our ReviewBUY-NOW
4Sleep Innovations 10-Inch SureTemp4.8Proven pressure point relief and personalized alignmentOur ReviewBUY-NOW
5Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp4.7Ideal for any position you sleep in, or if you toss and turnOur ReviewBUY-NOW
6DynastyMattress Cool Breeze4.6Dual 2" State of the Art Cool Airflow Foam, 5" High density foam for ultimate support baseBUY-NOW
7DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams513" Gel Memory Foam Mattress with 3" of Gel Memory FoamBUY-NOW
8Brentwood Home 13-Inch4.43.5-inches of gel memory foam provides personalized support and cooling comfortBUY-NOW


All the detailed information and data about the 3 main types of memory foam toppers and mattresses was given. Now it is the high time to select one according to your preferences and needs and of course budget. But how to do that? First of all, make a list of all the features you would like to have in your mattress or topper. They will help you to understand an approximate sum of money of you will spend on it. When you are done with the preferences and budget points, start considering different models according to the thickness, size, brand etc. As a result, opt for the mattress or topper that would be the most suitable for you in terms of all your criteria in the list. The main idea is, don’t try to guess which one is good or bed. It is always more reliable to make some research even though it might take some time.


There are a few tips and tricks that can be used when comparing types of memory foam toppers or mattresses. The most important hint is to select such memory foam mattress or topper that later it helps you with pain and pressure reduction as well as comfortable night’s sleep and fresh waking ups that lead to good mood and relations.

Don’t pay much attention to different advertisement that companies offer because very often it turns out that they deliver less than offer. Therefore to not be caught, all the tips and tricks should be learned and followed while shopping and thus you will not be misled. Below you can see these tips that would lead you to the purchase of the best memory foam mattress or topper for your budget, needs, and desires.


If you have made a decision to purchase a memory foam topper as your mattress is in good condition then you need to measure your bed accurately to know what size of topper you need. The second variant is the complete replacing of an old mattress with a new memory foam one. In this case, one needs to know all the traditional sizes to opt for the right one:

1. Twin – 38” x 74”

2. Twin XL – 38” x 80”

3. Full – 54” x 75”

4. Queen – 60” x 80”

5. King – 76” x 80”

6. King – 72” x 84”

Sometimes, it happens that manufacturers produce toppers that are a few inches smaller than they have to be, yet not all of them do it. The memory foam toppers are still very comfortable with all the benefits, but they just will not come to the edges of your mattress. Some people even don’t pay attention to it as they get all the pros from a memory foam topper that is always of a high quality.

The best way to avoid this issue would be to measure traditional size bed with the topper you like and are going to buy.


The size of the memory foam toppers and mattresses does matter as they are aimed to serve for different purposes. Therefore to make the right choice, one needs to know where the mattress or topper will be put. In this way, no extra money would be spent and you will have exactly what you wanted.

1. A child’s room – as children don’t sleep on big beds but standard ones, the best option for their room would be the twin size memory foam mattress. It is not big, yet not small – in simple words – perfect and ideal. If their mattress is of a good quality, then it would be right to buy a twin memory foam topper which should be put on top of the existing twin-sized mattress.

2. Owner’s bedroom – Lots of couples love and have King sized beds. Therefore, an amazing king size memory foam mattress was designed and produced. It is extremely comfortable and pleasant to sleep on it. If your king size bed is in a good condition then there is no need to purchase new mattress yet there is a need to cover your existing with the king size memory foam topper. Toppers perform equally with the mattress demonstrating excellent performance.

3. Guest room – people who live in a house, 100 percent have a separate room for guests and, in this case, the best option for them would be a Queen Size memory foam mattress. Yet if the bed is in a good condition, don’t replace it, but buy a Queen Size memory foam topper and put it on top of the existing bed. Your guests will definitely enjoy sleeping on such type of topper or mattress.


For some people budget is the first and most important factor when doing shopping and memory foam mattress or topper aren’t an exception. As it was said above, first of all before going shopping, one needs to set a certain budget and stay within its limits. When you finally found a mattress or topper that correspond all the criteria written in your list but the price for it is higher than your budget, then you will have to consider making the budget bigger or cross out some of the points in the list.


The choice is really big and it is not so easy to make the final decision as it might seem. Being informed, knowing a specific jargon (e.g density) as well as features (e.g durability, warranty, firmness etc) will help you to select the best topper or mattress. Being informed means no money wasting.


As every company manufacturer is different, consequently they produce memory foam mattresses of a different firmness. Here the choice is after you. Depending on your taste, it can be soft, medium soft, very firm etc. The most preferable ones chosen by people are from medium to medium firm. Moreover, this type of firmness is also considered to be the best for health.

The firmness DOES vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and for example, the foam memory firmness would be distinctive from the inner spring in a positive way, of course. Thus before ordering the product online as the best deals are there, go to the showroom and check everything physically. The sellers might persuade you to buy something particular, yet don’t let them pressure you. Check what you wanted and then being absolutely sure order the memory foam mattress or topper online.


When doing a careful research, don’t forget to not only compare features and data but check the customers’ reviews and feedbacks. Only they have the “inside information” which you will never be capable of finding anywhere. Such reviews as this can be a great example of assisting you to learn all the necessary facts to make an excellent buying.


A top-ranked memory foam mattress should be with minimum 10-year warranty. Giving such warranty means that manufacturers are 100% sure of the quality, durability and reliability.


Every respectable company should give you minimum 30 trial days to try out the bed. If you don’t get it, move on with your searching and definitely change the company manufacturer. If you order the bed online and after these trial days you don’t like sleeping on it, you will have to ship it back at your own cost. That’s why to not waste the money and time, it is better to do a very careful and accurate research in the very beginning.


The first and foremost criterion everyone should pay extra attention to is the density. Don’t be confused with density and firmness as these are two different things. Firmness doesn’t identify the quality of the memory foam mattress or topper yet the density does. The most common are 2-5 density levels. Yet there are some that are from 6 to 8 (not typical). The more density the memory foam has the heavier it is and, of course, its cost is also higher. Therefore, it is already for you to decide.

Another important point is the weight management. The more the person weighs, the higher the density should be. Really good density simply can’t be less than 3.0. Anything less than that is considered to be bad as it will never be capable of spreading the weight along the surface as well as support the body. Different densities mean a feeling of cushioning that a person will immediately feel that is why the idea of going to the showroom is so important.

Very often people complain of the bed sores or the so-called indentations which they feel while sleeping. This issue means that the foam does fill the previous place when the person changed the position. This unpleasant situation can happen only in case if the memory foam density is less than 3.0. All the memory foam mattresses or toppers with the 3-5 density level greatly contour to the shape of body. It will simply follow and move with you whatever position you make. The feeling of floating – that’s exactly what a person should experience when laying on a good memory foam mattress or topper.

The most optimal and right choice would be the memory foam with the density of 4 pounds. Speaking about the 3.0 density level it would be firmer as there is less memory foam included there.

5 pounds density would be even firmer as the firmness depends on the density. When the density is more than 4 then the recovery time will be slower which is not very good. As a result the 4 pounds density sounds like to be the best as its recovery time is fast, it is firm enough thus remaining soft.


The memory foam mattress or topper consists of a few materials and that’s why its thickness is different too from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can be from 10 inches to 14 inches. Yet a good memory foam topper or mattress shouldn’t be more than 4 inches. Even people who have been using mattresses or topper of 3” thick are still happy and satisfied with the performance.

NOTE* don’t buy the product that is less than 3 inches as then you will not get the support that is so needed for the body and its right weight spreading along the surface.

The memory foam mattress or topper don’t consist of a foam only. They have layers that make the thickness. Different types of foams are used for filling, for instance: latex foam, dense support foam, poly-urethane foam and many others. The layer of the foam itself is about 2-4 inches. Some difference can be felt between 3 inches and 4. Yet nothing when comparing 4 and 5 inches.


Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses are not for everyone and people whose weight is more than 250 pounds are an example. The mattress is simply not capable of coping with such weight and, as a result, there will be no support for a person’s body that might lead to discomfort and even pain. People with heavy weight should consider buying mattresses that includes latex foam and poly-urethane. They will definitely cope with weight more than 250 pounds.

One more way out of this situation can be the next option- to buy a memory foam mattress topper. The topper is very dense and will greatly support the body. Also, it offers more softness and comfort.

Very important note is that these memory foam for people over 250 pounds should be replaced with a new one every year. Only in this case the person will get all the benefits proposed by the company.

Some people whose weight is less than 250 pounds find it as a great idea to have a combination of latex foam under the memory foam topper. In any case, it will always give you comfort, softness, and support.

The Top 4 Complaints by the consumers

Not everything is so perfect as we want it to be. The same idea is about the memory foam mattress or mattress topper. People who have been using this product mention its plusses and minuses and having summarized everything, it turned out that there are 4 major complaints. Below you can see them and as an addition you will also find a way how to solve these issues.

Complaint#1 – HEAT – this happens as the memory foam is designed in a way to contour to the person’s body thus molding it. And of course when we sleep the temperature increases making the body hot and even sweaty. Most of all this complaint can be heard from people who have a traditional memory foam mattress as they have small cells that eliminate the foam to transfer heat away from the body. As this is an issue number one that was mentioned by the consumers very often, the manufacturers started working on it.

Why is it a problem? – sweating during sleep isn’t very good for health. Apart from that it is not comfortable to feel hot and sweaty. It simply doesn’t bring any joy to feel wet and moreover, it might lead to rashes.

Solution – when manufacturers started working and improving the situation they came with lots of solutions. Such as, for example, some companies made another design with new covering that has more channels for air circulation. Other manufacturers came up with new foam types and covers. Then a gel memory foam was created and companies thought that it would solve the problem as gel has some cooling features and in this way people will not feel any heat. Despite all the hopes, gel memory foam wasn’t the best solution as it is a conductive material that will first reach the person’s body temperature and then it will get higher and higher. It would be something similar to a traditional memory foam.

With the time the solution was found – it is a plant-based memory foam. The technology is exceptional as it has open cells that let the air circulate freely. Materials that are used don’t come in much contact with the heat and as they reported – the person sleeps 9 times cooler than usually. If being cool during the night’s sleep is one of the most important criteria for you, then you will definitely want to check the plant-based memory foam mattress or topper.

Complaint #2 – ODOR – absolutely all new products from furniture to shoes have an odor when new. And in our case memory foam mattress or topper have some smell too that is caused by the off-gassing process. It simple words, an odor is getting released from the new product. To get rid of it, just open the window and let the mattress expand. This issue is solved very fast and easy.

Why is it a problem? – from the one side this complaint doesn’t seem to be very serious, yet if we take into account people who suffer from different allergies or have respiratory problems then it might be quiet disruptive and disturbing. Something they would want to get rid of as fast as possible. There are some memory foam products that include volatile organic compounds and the reason for that is they are made of petro chemicals and fire retards. That’s why it is so important to look at the materials the mattress or topper if made of.

SOLUTION – as this complaint is one of the most mentioned by the customers, the manufacturers decided to work on it to improve the situation. People who have traditional memory foam mattresses complained most of all as exactly these mattresses consist of retards, chemicals etc. The best and checked way to avoid this problem is to find a memory foam that would clarify the absence of VOCs and different chemicals. A great example is the plant-based memory foam bed. It is free from VOCs and harmful materials. Moreover, this product is eco-friendly.

Complaint #3 – FEEL TRAPPED? – feeling trapped in your own bed can happen only when the density level is too low. If the memory foam mattress is of a low density, it means that body is molded which leads to bed sores or indentations which are in any case unpleasant for every sleeper.

Why is it a problem? – when a person changes the position the foam starts to contour to the body shape and the previous place should be also filled with foam to make the surface even and thus comfortable. It becomes a real problem when these bed sores/indentations don’t recover with the help of foam. Because then you are not capable of making a comfortable position for your body and just have to adjust to an uneven surface.

SOLUTION – recovery time is very important yet for some people slow recovery such as in traditional memory foam mattresses isn’t an issue at all. Whereas for people who have problems with back or who suffer from arthritis, it is really disturbing and disruptive things while sleeping. The best way out would be to purchase the plant-based memory foam that has 5-7 seconds recovery time. With this product, you will feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. The next option would be the gel memory foam mattress or mattress topper. They also cope with this task yet slower than the plant-based. This problem is still not completely solved therefore the manufacturers are working hard on it.

Complaint #4 – DURABILITY – the memory foam mattress topper or mattress will be durable only, in that case when the density is high. Comparing with other types of mattresses, the memory foam ones are more expensive and of course people expect it to last long. The warranty provided by the manufacturers is always not less than 10 years yet still some people mention that they have to replace the memory foam mattress or topper sooner than they expected. To conclude, better spend more money and you will definitely get the product that will serve you for years.

Why is it a problem? – having purchased the product, of course, we want it to last as long as possible though it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it is not manufacturer’s fault but buyer’s, because maintenance, way of using, weight and care DO play its role in the life of every memory foam mattress or mattress topper. When selecting, read very carefully about such factors as: weight management, density, firmness, maintenance etc. Therefore in order to not waste money for a new product because the previous one doesn’t suit your needs, do a careful research before shopping.

SOLUTION – if you choose the memory foam right then you will not have to think how to solve a problem with unsuitable mattress or mattress topper. Think about your needs, tastes, preferences, room where the product will be put etc. Let’s look at an example: your weight is more than 250 pounds and you want to purchase memory foam, then the best option would be the plant-based memory foam. This research or the research you are doing by yourself will greatly help you to avoid buying a wrong memory foam mattress or mattress topper.


If you want your memory foam mattress or topper to be durable and serve you for years then a good maintenance from your side is needed. No complicated produces are needed, maintenance just requires a few very simple steps that will make sure about longevity and excellent performance of any type of memory foam (traditional, gel and plant-based).

– Proper Support – for a proper support one needs to have the right box foundation that has slats for air circulation. When buying the product, read the warranty carefully to make sure that no special style foundation is needed.

NOTE* box spring are NOT suitable.

– Maintenance – memory foam mattress or mattress topper should be cleaned regularly as, for example, dust, sweat, pet hair etc accumulate and as a result dust mites might appear. To avoid this, first of all for the sake of your health, use a dust and water resistant mattress cover.

– Rotating – the best way to keep the mattress or topper wear evenly is to rotate it every 5-6 months at 180 degrees. Don’t forget that flipping is not advisable and will not be right.

– Spills / Stains – sometimes people eat or drink in bed and that often leads to spills. If that happened, remove all the bedding and with the help of a good towel wipe the spill. After that use a few drops of dish soap to make sure that all the spill has gone. Though don’t use too soapy water. When the spill is removed, dry that part by putting a fan close to it. If some odor is left, sprinkle some baking soda after the spill is removed.


The memory foam mattress and mattress topper is a great chance to experience a really comfortable night’s sleep and fresh waking up. Knowing all the necessary information of how to choose the best product among its 3 main types, you will definitely not make a mistake. Instead, you will select memory foam according to your tastes, preferences, and needs. Getting, in addition, all the benefits it provides.

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