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There exist a wide choice of mattress manufacturers and consequently every model is different and has its distinctions. Speaking about the 10” memory foam from the Best Price it is – the Pressure Relief System. From the name of this feature, it becomes clear that as soon as a person lays on the mattress all the pressure is slowly getting to its minimum until it is completely gone. This leads to a healthy stable sleep. As a result in the morning, a person is fresh, active, in a good mood and is ready to show excellent performance at work, school or University. In simple words, a qualitative sleep will change all aspects of your life for the better.


Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


One of the most advanced features of every foam mattress and 10” by the Best Price is not an exception is its ability to contour to the shape of a body when it comes in contact with it. This process doesn’t require much time and happens in just a few seconds as a person lays on the foam memory bed. Moreover, no matter how much you weigh, all the weight will be evenly and equally spread along the bed. Consequently, it will not lead to the so-called bed sores and it will be very easy to take a comfortable position at once without turning from side to side and thus distract your partner.

In most cases after a hard working day, people feel some pressure in shoulders and hips and that’s why the Pressure Relief feature works more with this body parts even during side sleeping.

In the beginning, it might seem that the 10” is firmer comparing with ordinary mattresses. Yet remember that when it comes in reaction with the body temperature it becomes softer thus making an ideal surface for your body and weight.


Te first and most important factor one should know about each foam mattress is the ability of the foam to recover as nobody wants to see and moreover have bed sores. To avoid this, consider buying the 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress by the Best Price. Every time you turn, the mattress will simply follow and move with you filling the needed places. This is especially good for active sleepers.

If you are afraid of indentations appearing and in under no circumstances want to see them, then learn a simple trick. Rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 5-6 months. Rotating is the safest way to not let a “crater” and even premature wearing out happen.

NOTE* Do never flip the mattress.


When the product is new, it might have some smell. Though remember one trick that will also help you to identify the quality very fast and easy – the less odor the mattress has, the better quality it has. Another trick is the presence of the CertiPUR. This certificate proves that no harmful materials were used when making a mattress and, therefore, it is safe for health even if the mattress has some minimum odor that would be gone in 30-40 minutes anyway. For this, put the mattress and let it expand. Meanwhile open a window to let an odor go away.

Another its pro is that it is perfect and ideal for those, who have allergies – it is allergen resistant.

All in all, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Its main aim is not to cause harm, but to give comfort, stable sleep, and fresh waking ups.


The first and foremost factor people pay attention to is the longevity of the mattress which is right as everyone want to understand what to expect from the product.

The Best Price Memory Foam Mattress is one of the most superior manufacturers according to the quality, reliability, longevity, comfort etc. Therefore, this memory foam bed will serve you for years and there should not be any doubts about it. Though remember that durability very often depends on maintenance that should be right and proper.

The 10-inch memory foam consists of the following layers:

  • 5” – high-density foam;
  • 2” – super soft foam;
  • 3” – memory foam;

This is a short recipe of a perfectly comfortable and wonderful sleep.


The fastest and most trusted way to check if the mattress is worth buying is with the help of feedbacks or reviews left by the customers. Only they demonstrate real plusses and minuses of every product. This is the so-called inside information that is not provided by the companies or its representatives. Therefore, it is a great idea to check everything by yourself in order to make the right final decision. Having read all the detailed information one can say the following – the 10” memory foam mattress is extremely comfortable and easily copes with pressure and even some pain and aches.


The best feature to reassure any customer is the warranty. By giving a good warranty, the manufacturer claims its quality, durability, and reliability. The Best Price Mattress gives the whole 10-year warranty. This amazing fact just emphasizes the company’s reputation making it simply the best. Having purchased this mattress, don’t forget to register it to make the warranty active just in case if you even need it.


The Best Price Mattress has been producing mattress for years and the experience they have only proved the quality of the products. Therefore, if you wish to replace your old mattress with a stylish, thick and qualitative one made by a well-known brand, then stop your choice at the 10” Memory Foam Mattress. It will change the way you used to sleep making it as if you are sleeping on the softest cloud. Going to bed with pleasure will become your habit and the pressure after a hard day will be gone in seconds. The purchase is 100 percent worth every dollar.


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