An Extremely Comfortable Sleep


How do you imagine your perfect sleep? 100 percent it should be convenient, without any uncomfortable positions as well as pains and aches and of course with very refreshing waking up. All this is possible with the 6” Memory Foam Twin Mattress. This model is double the size of any ordinary and decent mattress. Therefore, with it, you will experience all the possible pleasure the 6” Foam Mattress can only give.

In today’s modern life, it is really significant to have a healthy sleep as bad one sometimes leads to some deceases, insomnia and as result bad mood and unhealthy look. Consequently, people should start paying more attention to the quality of the bedding. Purchasing the 6” from the Best Price Mattress you will get an amazing experience that will change the quality of your sleep and your life forever.



The first and foremost feature that should be mentioned is the medium firmness of the product. Moreover, the mattress counters to the body shape when it comes in reaction with the temperature. All the weight is always equally spread along the bed not letting any bed sores appear. Even being an active sleeper means that the previous place will be very fast filled with foam that easily repeats the shape of a body.

The materials the 6” mattress consists of are the following:

  • 3 inch – supportive foam layer that located at the bottom;
  • 2 inch – super soft foam on top of the supportive layer;
  • 1 inch – infusion of charcoal and Green tea foam for a great comfort;

All these 3 layers are covered and consequently protected by the poly-jacquard fabric.


The next exceptional feature of the 6” Best Price Mattress is its ability to counter to the shape of a body. Never will anyone feel any discomfort again when changing the position as the mattress will simply follow you and move with you filling all the needed places.

This 6-inch mattress would be just perfect for those, who are active sleepers as very often it disturbs the partner. Comparing with ordinary mattresses no sound or feeling from turning could be heard or felt. This is a 2 in 1 product that combines comfort and support at the same time not to speak of absence of insomnia, pains and aches.

The only one minor con is the absence of a cooling system that would not let you get warm. In its turn, the charcoal will absorb all the moisture which is its main aim. The way out of this “warm” situation is very simple – just outfit the memory foam bed with cool touch sheets. One more pleasant fact is that with this super mattress no one will ever get cold.


When the memory foam bed is new, it will definitely have some odor. Yet the rule is – the more qualitative the mattress is the less odor it produces. The 6” memory foam has some kind of chemical smell yet it is not harmful or unpleasant. Moreover, when opening the box, let the mattress expand and meanwhile open the window to let the smell go away. It will take not more than 30 minutes. One more proving and confirmation that it is safe is its CertiPUR. It is a certificate which means that no harmful materials or substances were used when making this product and that everything went according to the rules and standards.

More and more often people started mentioning that they don’t smell any odor at all and this is thanks to a layer of charcoal and green tea. To conclude, the odor you might feel will be minimum and will be gone in half an hour if not sooner. Comparing it with other models that have unpleasant smell it is a really great feature.


The first and foremost fact the majority of customers pay attention to is the durability as they wish to know what exactly they are paying for. Of course, the most important point here is the right and proper maintenance. Only in this way the mattress will be capable of serving for years. Yet with the time it will wear out and it is clear and should be expected as it is made of foam mainly. This happens with all mattresses whether it is a foam one or inner spring. Everything has its certain durability.

There are only two cases when the memory foam bed can wear out faster than it should be:

  • heavy weight;
  • damages;


One of the best ways to get to know some true and real information about any product is to read what customers say. They always share and give real and detailed ratings explaining all the plusses and minuses. Yet tastes and preferences are different, therefore, be very attentive and search for something that will correspond your needs. In this way, you don’t risk anything.

With the help of such people all the inside information can be shown and exactly this will help you to make the right final decision. Having read and summarized all the feedbacks and comments, one can say the following – there are hundreds of positive comments about this 6” memory foam mattress as it pleases absolutely everyone who has a desire to change their sleep from nightmare to sweet dreams.


Paying a special attention to the warranty is very important as warranty literally means quality of the product. Therefore, every manufacturer tries to make it longer showing care and appreciation to the customers. In simple words, warranty is the company’s reputation.

The Best Price mattress gives its customers the whole 10-year warranty. This amazing fact just emphasizes its durability, reliability, quality and value. Having purchased this mattress, don’t forget to register it to make the warranty active.


All people are looking for something different according to preferences, tastes, and needs. Nevertheless, if you have a huge desire to replace your decent mattress with a durable, qualitative, comfortable, affordable and simply amazing memory foam bed then the 6” from the Best Price Mattress should be your final option.

The 6” is counted for people with weight not more than 250 pounds yet people find a way out of this situation too by simply buying 2 items. As a result, everyone is pleased and happy.

The measurements are the following – 39”x75”x6”. With such dimensions it would be easy to buy sheets, for example, the queen sized will do.

Buy this super mattress and get healthy sleep and fresh waking ups.


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