61N3T+Wx8IL._SL1500_How would you describe the perfect mattress? Should it be soft, hard, comfortable, not have an unpleasant odor and not to make strange sounds? Yes, we have a mattress like that and its name is Lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam. You will be 100% impressed after reading this review. Why? Keep reading…

The slogan of this product is “Wake up without pain”. The Lucid company has been manufacturing mattresses and toppers for many years, therefore you can easily trust those masters. Plus, the Lucid brand always pops up when you are looking for the new mattress. So, with the Lucid 8-Inch you really can forget about the pain. Shoulder, back, neck, spine, hips and knee problems will disappear after you spend a few nights on this mattress. Do you realize how badly the cheap and not professional mattress affects you? Bad, disturbed and painful sleep brings your energy level down, cause depression, head and heart aches and you may experience gaining weight. Sleep problems are quite dangerous. You must reconsider your sleep and get a proper mattress to support yourself physically and mentally.


Also, the scientists have proved that bad sleep brings down the level; of alertness. So, if you cannot keep up with the usual rhythm of your life, have issues at work and yawn all the time – get a new mattress!

We will guide you in all the features of the Lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress. You can read and learn how exactly this magic thing can make you happy. Let’s look at the most important characteristics of the product below:


The solidity is the major factor of any mattress. Unfortunately, many models of mattresses become very soft and have parts that sink after sleeping on them for some short period of time. This proves how low the quality of such products is. Choose Lucid if you want to buy a mattress and forget about changing it for years. The 8-inch mattress provides an excellent support for any body weight no matter how many times you change position at night. Exactly proper firmness of the mattress eliminates pain in certain parts of the body and you feel amazing when waking up the next morning.

Foam has been successfully approved as the right material for people, who have problems with straight posture. Once you change the mattress you will need some time to get used to it, as foam remembers your body shape and adjusts to it. When you turn during the night, the foam will adapt to the new shape, but you will not feel that.

The Lucid foam mattress consists of two tiers: 6-inch high-density base and 2-inch made of foam for the great convenience. The product is considered as premium, isn’t it a good fact?

Recovery Time

The high-quality foam adapts to the weight and position as fast as it recovers. Comparing with other mattresses models made of foam that make you wait for a few minutes, Lucid offers quick adapting. This mattress is a reliable and comfortable find for children and adults. If you consider changing mattress for each bed in your flat/house, get Lucid 8-inch in the matching size. The foam material is very gentle. Even with a very thin sheet, you will feel nice.

Hopefully, now you do not worry about the recovery time, as lots of customers imagine hours when the company talks about the recovery time. The Lucid manufacturer cares about its customers and tries to create only best conditions for lovely sleep.


When choosing the new mattress, make sure it does not consist of latex or other synthetic fabric. The Lucid 8-inch foam memory mattress is free of the materials that block the circulation of the air and cause unpleasant odor. Plus, the foam does not make you feel hot, like other fabrics. Even during hot summer nights, you can feel cool and fall asleep fast.

The product was CertiPUR-US certified, which means its best for the home environment. Buy it for you and your kids to create the pleasant atmosphere and surface for deep sleep. If you still notice the smell of a new product when getting a delivery, leave the mattress in the room with opened window or fan on. The manufacturer also suggests moving the mattress every 6 months to wear it evenly.


Another main detail is the long lasting feature of this very product. Many expensive mattresses look good and feel nice only for a few months. After, you start feeling it sinking, making creaking sounds and smelling not as fresh as it used to be. The Lucid company ensures excellent protection from damage and uneven parts. The mattress was made to hold big weight and be used every day.

Remember, that you have to leave the mattress for some hours without using it, so it can expand to its full size and get rid of the specific smell, due to the storage in the package.

Warranty Information and Term

With Lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, you will get a 25-year warranty. This fact will not leave anyone apathetic, as not many manufacturers can offer such a nice condition. Register the buy once you get the delivery and ask for help in the case you see or feel any damage of the mattress.

For more information, we have gathered some of customers comments from various sites and forums. Here you have a chance to look at them and read what Lucid 8-inch mattresses owners think of it:

“This mattress is the best thing I could buy. I did not believe that sleeping well is so important. I never had sleep problems and never complained about my last mattress. I had a big rip on my previous mattress and I needed to change it. When I bought the Lucid 6-inch foam mattress I was sure it will be the same, but it is much better and comfortable.”

“I have been suffering from pain in my neck and spine for over the last 2 years. Due to my work in the office I do not move much and spend all the time sitting in front of the computer. The Lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has become my best friend. I forgot about pain since my first night on this great mattress.”

“We were thinking of changing our old mattresses for a long time. Fortunately, we have seen this mattress on one of the reviews and ordered two, for my husband and me and our kid. The result is really excellent. We all have noticed how deep our sleep is and how wonderful we feel waking up in the morning.”

There are only a few comments we could add to the review, but you can make sure yourself, checking on them online. In the conclusion, we want to show you how high the rates of the product, according to customers esteems.

Stability – 4.5 stars

Recovery Time – 4.5 stars

Odor – 5 stars

Durability – 5 stars

Warranty Information and Term – 5 stars

Overall Rating – 4.8 stars

Do not skip the best deal of $299.99 with free shipping on Amazon right now. Have the sweetest dreams and comfortable rest every night.


Lucid 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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