LIn the situation if your current mattress does not satisfy you anymore, you have to think twice before throwing it away and spending your whole budget on a new mattress. There is a much better solution, cheaper and convenient – mattress topper. Today, we will go through the review of one of the most reliable toppers on the market at the moment. Its name is Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch and it is a really great find.The thing is, you can but the topper which is 3 times cheaper than a new mattress. The topper will make any mattress feel newish. The Memory Foam Solutions company offers you to get quite a low-cost product for nice and deep sleep every night. We know just a positive description may not convince you in making a purchase right now, that is why we have added the information about every feature of the product. Find some really important facts about the Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch Mattress Topper and hopefully, you will make the right decision.



If you want to find something between soft and hard, the solidity of this product will match your requirements. The 3-inch thickness is good for any body weight and support. This is a nice mattress topper that does not create any pressure for your muscles and bones. Therefore, you can rest “sinking” in the foam.

The topper was made for improving the condition of your sleep. Usually, every mattress company manufacture toppers, as even the high-cost mattress becomes weak with time. But, it is not important to get the topper of the same made. The name of your mattress does not make a difference, as the Memory Foam Solutions manufactures best products that are matching other units. Get the topper and place it on top of your existing mattress. Choose the matching size and start enjoying your deep and pleasant sleep.

Recovery Time

The only one issue with foam toppers is the recovery time. You should know that a foam topper needs some time to stabilize the new shape. When lying down on the mattress it adapts to your body weight, curves and the position you like to sleep in. Once you move or turn during sleep, the foam changes the shape. Many customers doubt foam toppers and do not want to get them. Probably, a negative experience with foam mattress or topper that requires up to an hour to change the shape puts customers away. But, the Memory Foam Solutions has built a professional topper made of foam that adjusts to the position very fast.

The premium quality topper will wake you sleep like on the cloud and do not disturb you comfortable condition while you need to change the position.


The topper has got the PURGreen certification.  This point at the fact, that the product has been made and packed in the USA. Buying this amazing topper for a nice sleep you ensure the best condition for your health. The mattress topper is free from chemicals, latex, synthetic fabric, metals and phthalates.  Therefore, this purchase is irreplaceable for children. The Memory Foam Solutions product is 100% environmentally friendly.

Probably, you can smell the topper once you open the package. But, it is absolutely normal as the product has been packed for some time. Leave it in a room with a fan on or open the window to create a good air circulation. After 48 hours maximum, you can start using the topper. It is also necessary to leave the mattress to let it expand to its full shape.


When it comes to mattresses or toppers, the durability characteristic is very significant. No one would like to but nice topper that will sink and rip after a few months of using it. The Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch Mattress Topper is let’s say sturdy and was made for everyday usage. The material is durable to hold 1-2 peoples weight. The manufacturer advises rotating the topper every 6 years to wear in evenly. Even if you have spotted damage, you will have a great support from the company, Read about warranty condition below.

Warranty Information and Term

The Memory Foam Solutions cares about all products that are manufacturing. So, for this particular topper you will get a 3-year warranty for quick fixing the damage. You do not have to worry at all, as the company will take the responsibility and make your topper feel new again.

What else would you like to know about the topper? Apart from the information from the manufacturer, we have searched for customers opinions. We are sure it will be valuable to find out what people who already use the topper say.

“The best purchase I could have done. I thought I need to buy a new mattress that cost around $500, but then I saw the Memory Foam Solutions 3-inch topper and ordered it. My first night on the topper was amazing. I slept through the night without waking up.”

“I wanted to get a professional mattress due to my back problem. For hours I can’t find a comfortable position, neither fall asleep. Fortunately, I have found the Memory Foam Solutions on the web site, read all about it and ordered in online. Now my health condition is much better and I can sleep deeply.”

These are only a couple of comments we wanted you to see. If you want to see what other people share, find more opinions on various forums. The benefit of this product is that it replaces expensive mattresses. The topper costs much less that a new mattress but the effect is same. Look through the rates that can really impress you!

Firmness – 4.5 stars

Recovery Time – 4.5 stars

Odor – 3 stars

Durability – 4 stars

Warranty information and Term – 4 stars

Overall Rating – 4 stars

Use the Amazon site for cheapest price. Now you can purchase the Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch Mattress Topper for $134.53. Choose the proper size matching your bed and mattress size and get the fast delivery. Forget about sleepless nights, pain and uncomfortable surface. The Memory Foam Solutions can make you happy every time you will wake up.


Memory Foam Solutions 3-Inch Mattress Topper

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