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61737QqNW8L._SL1000_Your average bed can become a sleeping place for a royal family if you have this product. The comfort of the customers is our biggest concern, and our mattress proves that.Many aspects of our life depend on how we sleep. Therefore, one should find the mattress that will suit his or her needs the best to have a rest every night and wake up in a good mood. Your well-being depends on the sleep you have; that is why it is important to have proper bedding.



Most customers want to have a mattress, which is hard enough to offer the needed support and soft enough to ensure the comfort. If you need such a product, then this item is just the one for you.

The different types of foam layers are combined in this mattress in such a way that everybody wants to get it. It starts with the 3-inch memory foam. It “remembers” your figure so you could feel like having a rest on a real cloud. Next goes the bi-directional double air foam layer, which is 3-inches thick. It supports the body and sustains the temperature. At the bottom there is the 4” thick double air support foam layer. It is designed to support the temperature of the bed at a consistent level.

The product is designed for people of different weight, from 50 to 400 pounds. Whatever your weight or position is, this mattress will be good for you.

Recovery Time

Many foam mattresses remember your body well. Even too well. After several months of sleeping, you might see some craters left. However, if you use the Perfect Cloud, you will not encounter such a problem. It conforms to your body each time you change your position, filling in where you were and sagging where you are. It happens so softly that neither you nor your partner is disturbed.

Since this mattress is made of quality materials and has the thoughtful design, it stays serviceable for a really long period of time. However, even such a good mattress has its age and expire date. Indentations will certainly appear, if you sleep on the same place for years. An indentation less than 1.5 inch is considered to be normal. If you want your mattress to bring you a perfect sleep for longer, you have better rotate it every half a year. Thus, the mattress will be used more evenly. And you will enjoy using it for longer.


Many new products, like clothes and linen, have particular smell just after you buy them. Usually this phenomenon, called off-gassing, does not last long. The foam used for producing this mattress is completely safe; it does not contain or evolve any harmful substances. The mattress has no specific odor at all.

Having an odor is quite common for memory foam mattresses until their package is opened. The best way out here is to open the window or turn the fan on and let the mattress stay expanded for some time in the evening until the odor is completely gone.


One of the main features of all high-quality products is the fact that they can perform their functions for a long period of time. This can be said about this mattress. The material is strong enough to provide perfect sleep every day, and, of course, you will not have to change it in a couple of years. If you use the mattress properly, it will serve you much longer.

Customers’ Feedback

Many people, who want to buy a certain product, surf the Internet looking for comments of those who use this product. This is quite a reliable source of information; the customers’ feedback contains the facts that can be omitted on the official website of the company, and certain peculiarities that shop-assistants do not talk about. Here are some of the reviews written by the customers who have already used this mattress at home.

The large majority of the customers using this mattress is pleased with its quality and acknowledges that the quality of the sleep has improved significantly. So, if you want to buy the mattress, which will ensure your sound sleep, this one is worth trying.

Warranty Info

If a company thinks about its reputation, and the product is really of high quality, the manufacturer provides an appropriate warranty for the customers’ convenience. The warranty for this mattress is the longest ever – 25 years! Can you imagine?

This warranty is very long indeed; this means that the company is responsible for the quality of the mattress even after you have bought it. Do not forget to register the mattress as soon as you buy it; that activates the warranty.


This foam mattress is really perfect, as it combines all the features of a good mattress. You will sleep peacefully, and in the morning you will feel no pain in your muscles or bones. It is so comfortable that sleeping on it feels like lying on a cloud. And this miracle among mattresses will serve you for many years; a twenty-five-year warranty confirms that.


Perfect Cloud Gel-Plus 10” Size Memory Foam Mattress

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