1Providing Enough Support without Pressure Points

Most customers purchase foam mattresses to get rid of all sorts of aches in their backs and necks. If you are looking for a new mattress, which will help you deal with this problem, this one is worth considering. Its foam ensures the proper support of the whole body; as a result, you will have a good rest and feel nice after waking up.
There is no need to suffer from aches and wakeful nights, order this mattress and it will make your life easier and happier. Besides, you can purchase it at an attractive price.



Speaking about the firmness of this mattress, one should note that it is neither too soft nor too hard. It offers the proper support, but it will not seem to you that you are sleeping on the plank.

It comprises the base made of 8” of high-density support foam and the 4” layer of memory foam, intended for ensuring comfort. In addition, it is covered with the soft knit fabric. The manufacturer has strived to make it maximally comfortable.

If you use this mattress, you can turn and move without waking up your partner and waking up yourself. The foam used in it will re-contour your body as fast as you move. So, both of you will have a proper rest every night.


Some people do not use foam mattresses because of indentations, which may appear on them. This is common for the mattresses made from poor-quality materials.
As for the mattress mentioned, its construction ensures fast recovering; it will gently re-contour your body after you change the position. You will feel no discomfort at all.


Some customers worry about the smell a foam mattress may evolve. If you prefer this mattress, you are unlikely to notice any. Unpleasant smells are common for cheap mattresses.

However, as soon as you open the package, you may smell the light odor, like that you feel while purchasing a new car or coat. In such a case, it will not take you much time to get rid of it. It will be enough to spread the mattress out in the room, where a window is opened and a fan is switched on. The smell will go away within few hours.
Afterwards, you will not encounter any problems concerning unpleasant odors, in case you care for your mattress properly.


Signature Sleep pays much attention to the durability of their goods since it is a crucial aspect for the majority of customers.
As for this mattress, it is produced using quality materials, which guarantees that it will serve for many years. So, buying it, you get the mattress, which will ensure your comfort and proper rest for long.

The Customers’ Opinions

In case you want to learn about the impression of the people, who have already bought this mattress, be sure to look through the customers’ reviews available. Reading them you will learn much useful information about the mattress, which you cannot find on the website of the manufacturer.
This foam mattress will ensure your having a good night’s rest and feeling sprightly every morning. Besides, it will help you get rid of all sorts of aches.


A warranty is of a great concern for most customers. It serves as a guarantee of the proper quality and long service life of a product.

Although the manufacturer of the mattress mentioned offers the 1-year warranty only, most customers, who have used this mattress for more than a year, report that they have not encountered any problems. The point is that this mattress is produced using proper materials. Therefore, it will, no doubt, last for years if you use it properly.


If you need a foam bed providing the proper support and comfort, this product is a suitable choice for you. Using this mattress, you will forget about discomfort and muscular aches. It will make your bed comfortable for years.
Purchasing this mattress, you invest in your well-being. After you put it on your bed, the quality of your rest will improve significantly. You will feel the difference at once.


Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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