Forget about Feeling Hot at Night


Sleeping on most foam mattresses, one feels hot, which prevents him from having a good night’s rest. The point is that foam contours one`s body, which leads to discomfort. That is why some people avoid using such beds.

However, thanks to the new technologies appearing one can forget about that problem at all. While producing the SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress, the open cell technology is used, which, unlike traditional memory foam, contributes to the better airflow and prevents overheating.Thus, using such a mattress, you will feel absolutely comfortable and sprightly after waking up.



This mattress suits you if you do not like too firm beds. Speaking about its firmness, it varies from medium soft to medium firm. However, it provides one with the needed support. Thanks to its thoughtful construction, it will support your body in all the places you need; but it is soft enough for you to feel comfortable while sleeping.

As for its design, this mattress includes two layers: 7” of support foam, which serves as a base, and the 3” layer, which is designed using the open cell memory foam ensuring that you feel really comfortable while having a rest. It contours your whole body without getting too hot. No more painful pressure points.

So, this mattress is one of the most attractive offers on the market of foam mattresses.It is also designed for people suffering from allergies since it is dust mite and allergen resistant. To enjoy all the pluses of this mattress, it is advisable to use it with a platform style bed frame or just on the floor.

Time of Recovery

While choosing memory foam goods, customers pay much attention to the recovery time, since it influences the quality of sleep. No one likes sleeping on the mattress with indentations and waking up because of the unevenness.

Due to the technologies used in the mattress mentioned, it recovers quickly and one does not feel any discomfort while changing the position of his or her body; besides, one does not prevent his beloved from sleeping while moving. The foam used is durable enough and will surely last for many years. There is no need to flip such a mattress.

Many users rotate their mattresses to avoid uneven wearing; no doubt, rotating contributes to the long service life of such a good. So you may use such a method to keep your mattress serviceable for longer.


As you have probably noticed, most brand new goods have some smell. It concerns cars, clothes, and other things. Sure, foam mattresses are not an exception. After you get your mattress, you may feel a slight smell of new foam. However, you may feel no odor at all. It depends on the sensitivity of your nose. If you have noticed a “new foam” smell, after unpacking your mattress, it will take you just several hours to get rid of it. To do it, you should spread the mattress out in the room with an opened window and a fan, which is switched on. Still most customers do not feel any smells at all.

As for other unpleasant smells, which a mattress may evolve, we should say that this mattress does not have any harsh smells at all.


Whatever product you purchase, you want to use it for long. Sure, if you spend a good deal of money on a foam mattress, you pay much attention to its potential service life.

While designing this mattress, the manufacturer has strived to make it maximally durable. No doubt, the use of the proper memory foam and the open cell technology contributes to the long service life. Purchasing this mattress, you get a comfortable bed, which will last for years. Sure, for your mattress to last long, one should care for it in a proper way.

Customers’ Reviews

Familiarizing yourself with the customer feedback is a nice way to learn more about the good, you are planning to purchase. Reading the customers reviews one can learn both pluses and minuses of the item, as well as some useful advice. So, be sure to read such reviews, while you are considering buying some good. Here are some of the customers’ reviews about the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress.

This mattress is intended for those, who are looking for a quality durable product that will ensure their comfort while sleeping.


Warranties are a crucial choice factor for any customer since they ensure your feeling safe for a definite period of time. Once the product is spoiled, you can seek the help from the manufacturer.

Sleep Innovations offers their customers a 20-year warranty on most products. This company is sure of the quality of the products it offers; that is why it provides the customers with such a long warranty. No doubt, you will not need to buy a new mattress within this period in case you care for your mattress properly. After you receive your mattress, register it for the warranty to be active.


If you want to have a good sleep at night without waking up because of discomfort or heat, purchase this mattress. It will ensure your proper rest at night and feeling of refreshment in the morning.


SureTemp 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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